I’m predicting 20-40 pages of inspirational and technical goodness.

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“Weekend Filmmaker”

It’s a new book I am putting together to inspire people to become filmmakers. Even if you are not good enough or do not wish to be a professional (meaning you never get paid to make a living off it) there is no reason not to learn how to and just make stuff for fun.

“People pay attention to quality and sincerity of the craft.”

Topics include:

Idea making
Basic story telling
Shooting techniques/technology
Editing techniques
Ways to show off your movie

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(A little note: it says 58 pages on the book page and in Kindle, but these are Kindle ebook length pages, shorter than a printed soft or hard cover book. It DOES SAY about one(1) hour to read the whole book. Good luck!)





Update 10/26/2022
Good news! I’ve been working on it daily and now it is available for PRE-SALE right now until Nov. 1, 2022 which is the official release date. If you buy now, it will automatically download to your Kindle on November 1. Please go to Amazon.com and search my name “Sarah Lusor Spielberg” or the book itself “Weekend Filmmaker”. In this release I am taking the first splash with no illustrations, and a quicker read. The Amazon description says it is 58 pages, but that’s the Kindle formatting and some of the pages are only 1-2 sentences left in the chapter. It is First Edition. Next year I plan on a 2nd Edition with more involvement with some tech and pre-production planning. The cover is minimalist in theme with the manuscript.

new cover artwork for Weekend Filmmaker on Kindle 1st Edition.

Update 10/16/2022
The first edition is going to be released BEFORE NOVEMBER. I’ve been doing some final editing in Kindle Create and will publish this edition without illustrations.

Update 8/15/2022
I’m writing a short part for DOCUMENTARY filmmaking as a WeekendFilmmaker. AND I am considering attending the San Diego Comic Con 2023, but have a mini lecture/panel for the book off site, NOT a the convention center itself. Will post more when the date is closer.

Update 7/17/2022
Made some updates to the DRAFT of the first edition e-book just this evening. WARNING.. I believe my computers are being snooped. If you get a draft now or even in the past, it may not be the final release at all! Also keep in mind it is ALREADY REGISTERED with the WGA Registry and they do know who I am.

Update 7/15/2022
Distracted by other things going on in this world I haven’t been working on the book, just doing some homework on e-book publishing and other hobby pursuits. What has been in the back of my mind is to create a short comic book series using some fictional characters going through the process in a real life way… Just so I do not have to put readers in other people’s shoes and footsteps in this little non-fiction book. “Keep it separate silly!” (another version of the K.I.S.S. principle). After this book is released I am going to pick up the hobby of comic book writing more in earnest. Though no plans to stand among their elite. Just be a hobbyist with the other thousands into it.

Update 6/11/2022
I needed to take a break and step back from this little project so I can return and not write too subjectively which is the path I found myself on. “I need to be more objective for the general reader.” So to clear my mind and simply didn’t work on this much and got thoroughly distracted by other things in life. Good news! I’m now getting closer to finishing the full first draft and intend to release a full text-only Kindle version later this year. A fully illustrated version is much further off in the distance.

Update 8/20/21
First draft of text complete and printed out for me to write on. With some space allowance for illustrations and photos, up to 25 pages that are on 8.5in x 11in pages. The final book will have smaller page dimensions and less text per page, so it’s looking closer to 30-35 readable pages total. Exciting to think I am creating a book for someone to pick up and become a filmmaker! I had not planned to write as much as I have, but there is enough detail and inspiration built in that even someone jaded could start making movies again. I had planned on touch points to get started, but what it is becoming is a primer for getting started and reading other writers’ books that go into more detail on all the technical and processes.

Update 8/15/2021
Wrote pages last night, more than anticipated! Almost finished with the first draft text of the whole book.

Update 8/14/2021
Up to page nine, and looking fine! I’ve gotten in the groove and it’s a lot of fun drawing from my experiences in film making from DSLR and no money to studio feature level with a crew of over 100 people on set. Right now I am writing about production days. None of it is illustrated yet with photos or drawings, diagrams. All pure text.

Update 7/30/2021
Looking good! I’m about 2/3rds of the way of the inspirational text. Next will be more thorough tech stuff to describe processes.