I’m predicting 20-40 pages of inspirational and technical goodness.

Update 8/20/21
First draft of text complete and printed out for me to write on. With some space allowance for illustrations and photos, up to 25 pages that are on 8.5in x 11in pages. The final book will have smaller page dimensions and less text per page, so it’s looking closer to 30-35 readable pages total. Exciting to think I am creating a book for someone to pick up and become a filmmaker! I had not planned to write as much as I have, but there is enough detail and inspiration built in that even someone jaded could start making movies again. I had planned on touch points to get started, but what it is becoming is a primer for getting started and reading other writers’ books that go into more detail on all the technical and processes.

Update 8/15/2021
Wrote pages last night, more than anticipated! Almost finished with the first draft text of the whole book.

Update 8/14/2021
Up to page nine, and looking fine! I’ve gotten in the groove and it’s a lot of fun drawing from my experiences in film making from DSLR and no money to studio feature level with a crew of over 100 people on set. Right now I am writing about production days. None of it is illustrated yet with photos or drawings, diagrams. All pure text.

Update 7/30/2021

Looking good! I’m about 2/3rds of the way of the inspirational text. Next will be more thorough tech stuff to describe processes.

Photo 159439945 © SutiponmmDreamstime.com

“Weekend Filmmaker”

It’s a new book I am putting together to inspire people to become filmmakers. Even if you are not good enough or do not wish to be a professional (meaning you never get paid to make a living off it) there is no reason not to learn how to and just make stuff for fun.

People pay attention to quality and sincerity of the craft.

Topics include:

Idea making
Basic story telling
Shooting techniques/technology
Editing techniques
Ways to show off your movie